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The Nature Conservancy

Around the world, The Nature Conservancy identifies and protects the Last Great Places—extraordinary natural landscapes that nourish a wealth of plant and animal life.

Take a Second Look

Take a Second Look

Fire Island attracts over two million visitors each summer. In efforts to preserve its natural beauty, The Nature Conservancy put fourth a Long Island Railroad platform campaign that featured macro, abstract photography in hopes to lure commuters and learn more about the life that keeps Fire Island a unique home to endangered organisms.

Role: Art direction / concept / design direction / photography

The Peconic Estuary

The Peconic Estuary

Nestled between the North and South Forks of eastern Long Island is the Peconic Estuary. The four bays of the estuary and its surrounding watershed are a beautiful mosaic of salt marshes, mud and sand flats, beaches and dunes, tidal creeks, open water and forested uplands. The estuary is a highly productive nursery and spawning habitat for diverse marine species, including local favorites like bay scallops, hard clams and oysters. 

The Nature Conservancy released a booklet to educate Long Islanders of the importance of shellfish and how they can help.