Newsweek's iconic brand redefines its digital experience
for both advertisers and readers
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Newsweek is a premier news magazine and website, bringing high-quality journalism to readers around the globe for over 80 years. The magazine provides the latest news, in-depth analysis and ideas about international issues, technology, business, culture and politics. In addition to its online and mobile presence, Newsweek publishes weekly English print editions in the United States, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia as well as editions in Japanese, Korean, Polish, Serbian and Spanish.

project details
Responsive site re-design
User experience / concept / design direction / strategy

Newsweek’s navigation was completely re-designed to allow users to easily search and discover new content. Implementing a sticky top navigation provides easy access to all categories and editorial features, no matter how far down the page you mave have scrolled. The weekly cover art was also incorporated into a subscription dropdown which promotes featured stories and subscription options.

The new and responsive homepage now follows a clean, modular grid system. This, along with typography inspired by the printed magazine, provides users with visual heirarchy and flow down the entire page. A horizontal carousel was also introduced to highlight stories from the weekly magazine while the popular 'Big Shot's was blown out to take advantage of the edge-to-edge design.

Another important idea was to design with advertising in mind. By doing so, the sponsored content and ads were integrated into a new visual system. This helps users easily distinguish between Newsweek content and paid advertisements.

Newsweek articles now take full advantage of your browser’s viewing space by expanding edge-to-edge. Photos bleed with responsive text, beautiful pull-quotes and sticky social sharing. In addition, the traditional right rail was removed and replaced with sticky advertisments. This allows for fewer ads, higher viewability and higher engagement.

big shots
The magazine's infamous Big Shots comes to the big screen. Users can browse through the best of Newsweek's curated photography every week and share over social networks.

category pages
Category pages now take on the heirarchy set by the new responsive homepage. Featured stories are curated by editors as the listed stories below populate via the most recent timeline of events. Users may also search within each category to narrow down results.

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