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Founded in Toronto in 1985, Club Monaco is an international lifestyle brand that offers affordable luxury with a modern sensibility. Headquartered in New York City in the heart of west Chelsea’s gallery district, Club Monaco appeals to the creative consumer—a group of cultural influencers who mix fashion must-haves with timeless classics. The brand represents a distinctly urban-casual point of view, best defined as a sophisticated play of opposites: mixing vintage with new, hard with soft and eclectic with minimal.

project details
eCommerce desktop and mobile site re-design
User experience / concept / design direction / strategy / front-end development

Club Monaco’s navigation was completely re-designed to allow users to find and purchase product in fewer clicks. Implementing a sticky top navigation provides easy access to all categories and editorial features. The site’s heirarchy was revamped and cleaned up—displaying a user’s cart and account information more prominately at the top left. Product categories were also organized and absorbed into a drop-down menu within the top nav.

landing pages
The women’s and men’s landing pages were broken out into modular units that refresh on a weekly basis—highlighting marketing and business needs. The pages feature new editorial-based content, featured categories and the latest campaign—all of which are quickshoppable.

category & product pages
Category and product pages take advantage of your browser’s viewing space by losing left-hand navigation. Creative banners went from horizontal to vertical—pulling up more product above the fold. Four products now span a row which are all available to quickshop and browse—without losing your place.

The heirarchy of product pages have been simplified—grouping related content and surfacing important purchase information. Images, buttons and text are enlarged to provide compatibility for touch devices. Social sharing has been implemented and quickshoppable cross-sells are made prominenet—highlighting complete looks. Additionally, relevant editorial content is exposed for users to explore, be inspired and shop.

editorial features
Editorial features have now taken on a life of their own. Once as small slideshows above category pages—these aspirational features have gone full-screen. See the true textures and fine details—up close and personal. All features utilize live type and responsive imagery to fit every screen. Dynamic feeds allow looks to be quickshoppable with the latest up-to-date data. Each feature links back to related product categories to ensure a cohesive loop between shopping and browsing.

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